Top 3 Responsibilities must know after publishing your blog

After publishing your blog

While writing your post, do on-page SEO perfectly with the help of any SEO tools or Yoast plugin. After that, try to think about off-page SEO for a better ranking in search engines. For getting knowledge about search engine optimization our free SEO copywriting training course can provide your best idea. There are three top and essential responsibilities must know after publishing your post as a website owner, publisher, or blogger. Such as-

  1. Marketing your blog
  2. Maintaining a blog
  3. Blog Engagement

How to reach your goal?

To reach your goal, you should keep proper knowledge about marketing, maintaining, and blog engagement. These are crucial responsibilities after publishing your blog post. Hence, we are going to explain these topics step by step as follows.

1. Marketing your blog

No one likes to perform in an empty room! If you publish a blog post, you need an audience. You have to think, how you can get the desired audience. Hence, the following platform can help you for getting quality traffic.

Social media role after publishing your post

Nowadays, social media is the part and parcel of daily life. Without this, no one can imagine modern life, especially for social communications. So, you can use social media as an important marketing tool. You definitely set up a Facebook page and create a Twitter account for publishing your post. If you want to focus on a young audience, you’ll need Instagram’s and Snapchat’s accounts as well.


For, direct communication with the desired audience, newsletters will be the best marketing instrument. That’s why; you have to collect quality subscribers who want to stay informed and send them emails regularly when publishing.

Monetizing your blog

You are an expert in SEO and in marketing strategies. Based on this, you can increase your blog ranking in SERPs. But, it doesn’t mean; your profit will grow accordingly. To achieve this goal, you have to monetize your blog. For most bloggers, making money is not their primary goal. But still, there is an opportunity to make money from your blog. By advertising, affiliate marketing, writing promoted post, and selling your own stuff, can be examples

2. Maintaining a blog

Blog starting is easier than maintaining. Write a blog on a regular basis, can be a lot of work. You don’t need to post a blog every day. But, you have to decide the frequency and stick to it. So that, your audience will know, what is the expectation from you? They will also wait for your next publishing. As growing your blog, you will face some new SEO problems. Like as, How do you manage different authors? What will you do, when traffic will be decreasing on your blog? How do you coming up with new content and keep the old ones up to date? How will you keep your blog structure in good shape? And like this, many more. That means blogging requires some disciplines. For maintaining disciplines, you should keep your blog under the below keen management.

Site structure

It’s essential to analyze your blog structure regularly, while your blogging growing up. Try to organize your categories, sub categories and tags well. As your blog growing, your structure will change and evolve accordingly. Your blog structure will remain SEO friendly, as long as you stay on top of that.

Content planning

If your blog grows bigger and attracts a larger audience, then your content writing will come under content planning and management. A big blog needs a team of authors to work together. Though, authors will write individually. Still, they need coordination. Otherwise, the post`s topics will be conflict or authors could use a totally different writing style and tone of voice.

Avoid keyword cannibalization during publishing your blog

A long-time writer on a certain niche, will bound to address the same topic more than once in a blog. That’s not a problem, but do make sure you’re not eating away your own chance to rank. Keyword cannibalization can occur if you use similar phrases for several different articles. When the search engine can’t tell which article needs a higher ranking. Search engines reduce ranking both of them. Though, your previous articles got a higher ranking. To avoid keyword cannibalization, you should audit your blog post once in a while. So, take care during publishing your blog post

3. Blog engagement after publishing your blog post

The important factor for SEO is blog engagement. In that case, commenting can be the best way for it.

If your audience leaves comments on your blog post, then Google thinks your blog is alive and more active. Of course, social media also can help your blog`s ranking. If people share your post on social media or talk about it online, definitely your post will get more traffic.


Publishing a blog is great!  Whether your website is a blog, portfolio, or an online shop like Amazon kdp, it can boost your ranking in Google. It can be also, an important and effective marketing tool. For getting optimum results, go through an in-depth keyword research strategy for your blog. Wish you happy blogging.

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