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SEO tools Yoast plugin must know website owner-Blogger-Publisher

SEO Tools Yoast Plugin is a No#1 SEO learning tool. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is optimizing your web page. It is making them reach organic traffic in Google or other search engines. SEO focuses on improving your website ranking. If you have a website and want to get more organic traffic, it should be a part of your marketing efforts.

Yoast plugin is a no#1 SEO tools for website ranking.There are four tabs in Yoast SEO plugin`s (free version).Such as-

  1. SEO
  2. Readability
  3. Schema
  4. Social

SEO tab is the essential part of Yoast SEO tools which contain the following sections.

  • Focus keyphrase
  • Google preview
  • SEO analysis
  • Cornerstone content
  • Advance

 Focus keyword or key phrase

 The focus keyword or key phrase is a search term that you want for ranking your website page or post. When people are using this keyword or key phrase in the search engine for searching something’s, they should reach to you. The keyword is a single word and the key phrase is a combination of words. There are two types of keywords, one is ahead keyword and another one is a long-tail keyword. Take care, about key phrases during text writing.

There is a difference between key phrases and long-tail keywords. The key phrase can be general or specific, for example, “Professional training institute”. On the other hand, the long-tail keyword is more specific, for example, “Professional training institute in New York”. Optimum keyphrase length should be up 4 content words.

Google preview

The Google preview should be informative that traffic actually looking. There are three main section of Google preview. Such as-

  • Website URL with logo
  • Meta  title  within 50-60 characters
  • Meta description within 120-160 characters

SEO title is the post or page title that showing in the Google preview or other search engine preview during searching.

Slug is the post or page URL in the website which shows in the Google preview during query.

Meta Description is the summary of the page or posts showing in Google preview. It is encouraging organic traffic to click for getting information. You can consider, it is the most powerful Google ranking factor. So, conscious during Meta description writing.

SEO Analysis analyzing Google ranking factors which are as follows-

SEO Analysis
  1. The outbound links-The link connecting with your website to the same niche outside the website. Recommend a minimum of 1 outbound link per page or article to make its green color. So, for Google ranking, it’s most important.
  2. The internal links-The link connecting with the page or post of the same website. Sometimes it is called a contextual link. Recommend a minimum of 1 internal link to make its green color. It is the most important Google ranking factor. Therefore, maximum SEO expert considering it is an important Google ranking factor.
  3. The key phrase in the introduction- Keyphrase must contain in the introduction of a page or a post. It is helpful to understand your content for both readers and search engines. It is crucial for ranking in search engines. So, bear in mind during quality content writing.
  4. Key Phrase length-Key phrase length should be up to 4 content words for functional word supporting language and up to 6 words for nonfunctional words supporting language. That’s why it is the most important ranking factor.
  5. Key Phrase density– Key phrase density is a ratio of focus keywords or key phrases divided by total text words. Recommend keyword or phrase ratio is 0.5% to 3.0%. So, it is an important factor for ranking.
  6. The key phrase in Meta description– Keyword or phrase must contain in Meta description to make its green color. It is an important Google ranking factor.
  7. Meta description length– Recommend Meta description length is 120-160 characters.
  8. Previously used key phrase-Recommend for using keyword or phrase only once on the same website. Don’t try to make competitors with your own self. Otherwise, your website ranking will be going down day by day in search engines. According to the Yoast plugin, it is called cannibalization. Therefore, try to avoid it during the text.
  9. The key phrase in sub-heading-Heading structure your text, improve reader’s accessibility as well as improve SEO. It is easy to understand your content for both readers and search engines. If a keyword or phrase is available in the heading or subheading, then easy to scan readers and search engines about your content. Recommend 300 words for any paragraph. A paragraph should contain 7-8 sentences and one sentence should contain less than 20 words. For more than 300 words should be used subheading which must contain keywords or phrases. According to the Yoast plugin, 30-75% of subheadings must contain keywords or key phrases. Therefore, it is playing an important role in organic traffic.
  10. Image alt attributes-Keyword or key phrases must contain in the image alt attributes for Google ranking. Recommend within 30-70% image alt attributes with keyword or key phrase for your page or post to increase ranking in SERPs. So, it is helping organic traffic to find desired findings.
  11. Text length-Recommend text length is different for different posts or pages. Such as-
Sl#Page/Post NameRecommend word quantity
aTaxonomy Page (Category & Tag)>250
bRegular Page or Post>300
cCornerstone content page>900
Text Length Chart for post or page

 If you want to grip organic traffic, you should write readable, well-structured, and original content. In that sense, well experience and skilled writer can write more than 1000 word`s post or page. On the other hand, less experienced writers can write 700-800 word posts or pages.

12. Key phrase in a title-The exact match of the focus keyword or key phrase should appear at the beginning of the SEO title.

13. SEO Title width– SEO title width should be 600 px and length 50-60 characters for better ranking of any page or post. The two main purposes of the quality title. Such as-

It must help you to rank for a specific keyword or key phrase.

It must make the user want to click through your  page

14. Key phrases in slug– The slug is a part of the URL which is directing to the user to go to the specific post or page. Example: In the train, the engine is the home page URL and the passenger compartment is the slug.


The slug must contain keywords or key phrases for better ranking in the SERPs. For optimizing your slug, follow the following steps-

  • Include your focus keyword or key Phrase
  • Think about function words
  • Add focus
  • Keep it short and descriptive
  • Use lower case letters only

Cornerstone content

The cornerstone content should be the most important and extensive article on your website and make it mark as cornerstone content if you like.


The advance –In this advance setting, we can change the canonical URL by the following steps-

Advance Setting for SEO Tools
  • Log in to your word press website
  • Navigate to the post, page, or taxonomy that you want to change
  • For posts or pages, scroll down to the Yoast SEO meta box. Click the advance section which is under the SEO tab.
  • Enter the full canonical URL, including HTTPS and www or non-www, in the canonical URL field.
  • Update the post, page, or taxonomy.

Readability Analysis analyzing Google ranking factors which are as follows-

SEO Tools Yoast Plugin Readability Analysis
  1. Consecutive sentences-to start sentences with repeating words is generally a bad idea. It makes the reader feel bore who will leave your page and will be looking for alternative readings. To overcome it, you may enrich your writing with synonyms and transition words. You may also overcome it with rephrase sentences by changing with word orders or relocating consecutive sentences. So, keep in mind during text writing.
  2. Subheading distribution– a paragraph should contain less than 300 words. If your writing needs more than 300 words, then you can make subheadings. Recommend 300 words for any paragraph. A paragraph should contain 7-8 sentences and one sentence should contain less than 20 words. So, it is playing an important role in the readability score.
  3. Transition words-if your text contains more than 30% of sentences with transition words, then the bullet will be green. When text contains 20-30% sentences with transition words, then the bullet will be orange. If the text contains less than 20% sentences with transition words, then the bullet will be red which affecting Google ranking. Therefore, need to learn transition word for writing quality text.
  4. Flesch Reading Ease-It is measuring the readability score for your post or page. Its score is between 0-100. A score of 0 is indicating difficulty to read your text. But the score of 100 is indicating ease to read. For more details follow the Flesch reading ease score chart as below. Flesch reading ease score give you focus on two things-
    • Shorten your sentences
    • Limit your use of difficult words
SEO Tools for ranking
Flesch reading ease score chart

5. Passive voice-If your text contains less than 10% passive voice, then the bullet will be green. On the other hand, when your text contains more than 15% passive voice, then the bullet will be red and your message will be less clear. So, write your text with an active voice for providing a strong message to your audience. So, you should avoid passive voice in your writing to avoid the below jargon.

It is wordy

The sentence structure is complex

How to change sentences from active voice to passive voice? SEO Tools Yoast Plugin premium version will teach you details about it.

Please, follow the below chart for changing active voice to passive voice.

No#1 SEO Tool Yoast Plugin
Active voice to passive voice chart

6. Paragraph length-According to the Yoast plugin Paragraph length should be less than 300 words and not more than 7-8 sentences.

7. Sentence length– No#1 SEO tools yoast plugin recommending sentence should contain less than 20 words.

Schema is helping to search engines to understand your page or post and content. You can change some settings as per the below instruction.


Social Media-It is most important for ranking in SERP`s

Social Media for marketing

Conclusion: Forgetting a higher ranking in the search engine, should follow the above instruction properly. It will increase organic traffic as well.

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