Our Vision:

To reduce unemployment & make peoples skills and  happy in their daily life. To get proper earning based on their talent & participating to build  peace of world. And, also keep it free from poverty.

Our Mission:

To develop skill manpower through proper practical oriented training by completing short courses from this professional training institute. The peoples who have school level to university level educational background can join with this training center or training institute. To make them skills  as workplace required for home & abroad before entering job market to survive their livelihood.

Message from the Founder :

We see in every upper classes or stages from School level to University level student always dropping out. Where are they going? Simply, they are going to fight in the daily life battle field to survive their livelihood. Someone can get proper guidelines and make them skill for earning but maximum can`t due to lack of proper guidelines and skill training as workplace needed or industries present situation demand. Educational or Training Institute should be practical oriented to provide industries requirements. A few Institutes is available to fulfill the workplace requirements which is not enough compare to Human Ocean. RIPTI can provide like that training for a limited amount.


I`m  Engr. Md. Rafiqul Islam a Mechanical Engineer graduated from Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET) at 2002. I worked in different Toyota dealership in home and abroad, during this period I visited many countries like Japan, Sri Lanka, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. I have seen maximum Bangladeshi peoples doing low paid and odd jobs due to their lack of Technical knowledge & skill compared to other nationalities. That’s why low foreign currency is adding with national revenue of Bangladesh though huge amount of peoples living in outside of the country compared to other countries. RIPTI can provide a few amounts of professionally skilled peoples for the world.

About the Institute:

R Islam Professional Training Institute (RIPTI) is established at Ranisankail,   Thakurgaon, Bangladesh in 2020 considering with the above mission & vision. RIPTI is equipped with fully ultra-modern facilities online & offline professional training institutes as well as an online course marketplace. It is Conducting 32 Professional Courses under 5 different engineering categories i.e. (i) Mechanical, (ii) Automobiles, (iii) Electrical & Electronics, (iv) Civil & (v) Computer Science. It has a long term mission & vision to provide world-class professional training to meet the worldwide industry requirements. It is not only well equipped with ultra-modern training facilities tools and equipment but also it has a world standard training instructors to provide better training for upcoming as well as the existing curriculum for the changing world. It has been conducting its training successfully by Japan & Bahrain trained high skill Engineers and Expert demonstrators as well as TOYOTA certified instructors.

Our Team Member :

We have a good team to achieve the goal of this Institute. Team member are-

Engr.Md.Rafiqul Islam

B.Sc.Engr. Mech (CUET, MIEB)

Ex-Toyota New TSA21 Instructor (Japan)

Ex- TSM Kodawari Instructor (Japan)

Ex-Toyota General Instructor (Japan)

Ex-Navana Training Manager (Bangladesh)


Engr.Md.Shohel Rana

B.Sc.Engr.CSE (DUET)


Engr.Md.Al-Mizanur Rashid

B.Sc.Engr.CSE (DUET)


Engr.Foysal Ahmed (Tuhin)

B.Sc.Engr.CSE (AUB)

Dip.Engr.Mech (Dhaka Poly)


Engr. Ali Nihad

B.Sc.Engr. Automobile (Japan)