Nabil Contact Number

Nabil Paribahan Contact Number and Address

Nabil Paribahan Contact Number ভ্রমণ পিপাসুদের জন্য হতে পারে এক সহযোগী বন্ধু।নাবিল পরিবহন বাংলাদেশে বহুল  পরিচিত জনপ্রিয় একটি বাস সার্ভিস। বিশেষ করে উত্তর বঙ্গের জেলা গুলোর জন্য। কোম্পানীটির AC এবং  Non-AC উভয় ধরনের বাস সার্ভিস চালু আছে।

Continuous improvement

What is KAIZEN?

There are two part of the word KAIZEN. One part is KAI meaning in English is Change and other part is ZEN meaning in English is good. The origin of the word KAIZEN is Japan. It’s simple meaning “Change for the better” or “Continuous Improvement”. This is the Japanese’s business philosophy regarding the process that continuously improve operations and engage all process related employees. The ultimate goal of KAIZEN is to increase productivity in a way of gradual and methodical process.

5s Philosophy

5S philosophy for Automotive Workshop/Any workplace

What is 5S Philosophy?
5S is the most powerful lean manufacturing tools and a cornerstone of any successful implementation. Alternately, we can say; it’s a simple tool to organize any workplace in clean, efficient and safe manners to enhance productivity and visual management. So, it’s an important tool for any workplace to introduce standard operational practices and ensure effective, repeatable & safe ways of working. The steps of 5S are-

Website speed

Top 20 Techniques to website Speed up must know site Owner/Blogger

Website speed or Google page speed or Page speed is a crucial factor of SEO that increases the website`s ranking. We can perform website speed test or web speed test or site speed test by using different type of tools. Namely, GTmetrix, WebPageTest, Google PageSpeed Insight and Pingdom that can help you to identify the issues causing slowness and bad user experience for your website. Various types of factors are working behind of speed up your website. Such as:-