5s Philosophy

5S philosophy for Automotive Workshop/Any workplace

What is 5S Philosophy?

5S Philosophy is the most powerful lean manufacturing tools and a cornerstone of any successful implementation. Alternately, we can say; it’s a simple tool to organize any workplace in clean, efficient and safe manners to enhance productivity and visual management. The steps of 5S are-

  1. SEIRI
  3. SEISO

Origin of 5S philosophy

The 5S philosophy originated in Japan and first implemented by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). They used it in the Toyota Production System (TPS) for continuing the process of Just in Time (JIT). This manufacturing intends to produce only the amount of product that is needed, when it is needed. Sakichi Toyoda and son Kichiro Toyoda as well as Toyota Engineer Thiichi Ohno developed this 5S methodology after the World War II.

Concept of 5S Philosophy

5S is the method to keep your workplace organized and the way of working practices. There are five Japanese words and all of them has first letter S. That’s why it is called 5S.Similar concept 5C is developed outside of Japan. Such as-

  • Clearing
  • Configure
  • Cleaning and check
  • Conformity and finally
  • Custom and practice


  • Cleanup
  • Arrange
  • Neatness
  • Discipline
  • Ongoing improvement

5S Meaning in English

Serial NumberJapanese MeaningEnglish Meaning
2SEITONSet in order
3SEISOSweeping and Washing
4SEIKETSUSpick and span
5S Meaning Table

Why need 5S?

The above 5 pillar of 5S methodology is essential for any workplace to increase productivity and efficiency as well as ensuring safer working environment.

SEIRI is necessary because:

  • The workplace becomes extremely crowded and hard to work in.
  • The cabinets, lockers and shelves are full with unnecessary items.
  • Time is wasted in searching tools, parts and other necessary items.

SEITON is necessary because, it is eliminating various type of waste:

  • Movement waste
  • Searching waste
  • Human energy waste
  • Over production waste
  • Excessive processing waste

SEISO is necessary because:

  • Scattered oil and water on the floor causing the slippage and injured.
  • Cutting shaving can get into workers eyes and injured
  • Dirt of cutting shaving can get into mix in production that leads to defects.
  • Filthy work environment lowers the workers morale.

SEIKETSU is necessary because it helps as follows:

  • Decide who is responsible for above 3S activities
  • Integrate above 3S activities in a regular basis
  • Prevent to accumulate unnecessary items
  • Ensure to prevent the previous condition will not come back

SHITSUKE is necessary because it avoids the problem like:

  • Unneeded items begin pulling up as soon as sorting is completed
  • Tools and Jigs do not get return to their designated place after use

Comparison between before and after of 5S philosophy implementation



SEIRI means what you need keep it otherwise remove it from the workplace. Hence, need to filter the workplace.



SEITON means necessary items keep in orderly. Set in order from A to Z or Z to A as you think fit for the workplace.



SEISO means sweeping and washing. Keep it clean after using, that means prepare it for someone using.


5S Methodology

SEIKETSU means keep necessary items with spick and span. So, keep something one from other with safe distance so that we can use it in next time without any interruption.


5S Philosophy

SHITSUKE means self discipline that means makes it habit and establish SOP.

Advantage or Benefits of 5S Philosophy

You can achieve tremendous positive change in your workplace if you implement 5S Philosophy. Such as-

  • Reduce waste of time or Muda
  • Enhance  working hour utilization rate
  • Increase safety
  • Cleanliness increase
  • Productivity increase
  • Tools or Equipment longevity increase
  • Reduce defects
  • Increase product or service quality
  • Customer satisfaction increase
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Reduce cost
  • Better asset utilization
  • Increase enterprise image

Where applicable 5S Philosophy?

You can apply 5S in any workplace if you want to provide better quality product or service. Such as-

  • Manufacturing company
  • Automobile Repair shop
  • Garments
  • Hospital
  • Housekeeping
  • Educational Institute
  • offices
  • And many more working places

5S workplace scan diagnosis checklist

5S Philosophy Workplace diagnosis check list
5S Workplace diagnosis check list


The 5S system is a good starting point for all improvement efforts aiming to drive out waste from the working or manufacturing process. Successful implementation of 5S methodology has found increase in productivity as well as profit level of the organization. And, the other benefits of implementing 5S methodology are higher enthusiasm and punctuality among the workers and safer working condition.

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