AC & Freeze Technician

AC & Freeze Technician

Course Overview of AC & Freeze Technician

The purpose of this AC & Freeze Technician course is to provide Repair and Maintenance knowledge on AC & Freeze. The students, who completed class VIII to Masters Level from any discipline, can be eligible to admit. And make their skills for getting jobs home & abroad and earn a lot of money for surviving daily livings.

Topics covered in this course

  1. Introduction with this Course
  2. Learning from this course
  3. Job Opportunity & expected salary for AC and Freeze Technician
  4. Course Outline
  5. 10 Principles of AC and Freeze Technician
  6. 5S
  7. Kaizen
  8. Learn Name & How to use Various Hand Tools
  9. Work  Safety
  10. Core Course Details
  11. Working principle of Refrigeration cycles.
  12. Introduction With Periodic Maintenance
  13. Familiar with various parts
  14. Perform Periodic Maintenance as an apprentice Technician
  15. Perform Repair Works as an apprentice Technician
  16. Learn how to diagnosis  a best technician
  17. Introduction with various refrigerant name
  18. Learn how to make job estimate
  19. Office Manner
  20. Learn how  to read Owner’s Manual
  21. Introduction with corporate driving training program
  22. Perform First Aid Practice
  23. Basic English as a Communication Language
  24. Course Summary

Course Details of AC & Freeze Technician

Introduction with this Course

This course is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of the trainee to perform the best. They can gather repair & maintenance knowledge as well as office manner together. Besides, this course curriculum is designed based on the Industry & job market demand at home and abroad.

Learning from this course

By completing this course trainee can learn as follows-

  • Introduction with the refrigeration cycle
  • Spare parts name
  • Service name
  • How to use hand tools
  • About SST
  • How to perform Repair & Maintenance works
  • Diagnosis or troubleshooting procedures
  • How to use Owner1s Manual
  • About first aid practice
  • How to make job estimate
  • About 10 principles of AC & Freeze technician
  • Work safety
  • About Office manner
  • Basic English as a communication Language
  • Job Opportunity & Expected Salary
WhereOrganizationExpected Salary
HomeGovt, Semi-Govt, NGO, Autonomous, Private Sector, Self-Employment৳10000-৳50000
AbroadGovt, Semi-Govt, NGO, Autonomous, Private Sector, Self-Employment$5000-$40,000
Organization & Expected salary table
  • Course  Outline
Entry QualificationClass TypeCourse DurationCourse Fee
Class-VIII to Masters Level20% Theory & 80% PracticalTotal 3 Months       (6 Days/Week, 8 Hours/Day)৳10000/=
Eligibility Table

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