Future students

Future Students

What is the meaning of future students?

The future or prospective students are someone who is interested in or likely to become a student in the future dates. Admission criteria met set by the authority of the student but, not yet admitted.

What are some tips for future students before enrolment?

If you want to be a future student for any institute, then the following tips are for you.

  • Research more about the institute
  • Visit their website
  • Physically visit their campus
  • Attend a testing class
  • Meet with a faculty member
  • Shadow a current student
  • Calculate your admission chances
  • Apply for scholarships
  • Decide whether you will enroll or not.

What are the special features of RIPTI?

R Islam Professional Training Institute (RIPTI) has special features for admission. Such as;

  • There is no age barrier to admit. Anyone with any age can take admission.
  • No any gender discrimination. Both female and male can take admission.
  • There is no fixed academic education level requirement to admit. Anyone with class VIII to Masters Level can take admission.
  • No fixed semester. Anyone can admit anytime over the year.
  • There is a placement cell link with the employer community for the best skills.

Who will be “RIPTI”s future students?

The students who are interested to enter the job market with skills background will be the future student of RIPTI. Anyone by completing our following courses can earn handsome livings that are giving more money and more profit.

  1. Word press website design
  2. Building design and construction
  3. Electrical House Wiring
  4. Lathe machinist
  5. Driving cum Auto Mechanic
  6. Auto Mechanic
  7. MS Office application
  8. Graphics Design
  9. SEO
  10. Content Writing
  11. Basic Internet
  12. ERP
  13. Android Apps Design
  14. ICT for Class IX-X
  15. Social Media Marketing
  16. ICT for Class XI-XII
  17. AC & Freeze Technician
  18. Welding
  19. Service Advisor
  20. Auto Scanner Operation
  21. Service Engineer
  22. Auto Electrician
  23. Motor cycle Mechanic
  24. Auto Denter
  25. Shallow Machine Mechanic
  26. Auto Painter
  27. Tractor Mechanic
  28. Auto Air Conditioning
  29. Consultancy
  30. Auto CAD 2D & 3D
  31. Basic English as a communication Language
  32. English Grammar

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